Park Application

Do you want to be your own BOSS?

We are looking for 8-12 working parks per state /province in USA & Canada .

If you are :

  A Person that enjoys fun
– Looking to supplement your income up to $10,000 a month
– Have a property of over 10 acres
-Ability to build a minimum of 14 obstacles on your property for parks with obstacles only
-Provide a safe and family-friendly atmosphere
-Open at least 3 months of the year
-Willingness to work with ETRA to provide the best trail riders experience
-Provide water to the horses
-Provide parking for trailers
-Will you be ready now or 2019 season? Even if you are only considering for next spring you will want to secure your location once a location is gone it’s gone.

Click here to submit a park application.


– We can provide merchandise for you to sell at wholesale cost (NO LIMIT)
-You may provide refreshment and food to the members at their cost
-All membership sold by your park you receives 25% of the membership fee.
– You can hold clinics with our certified trainers and charge entry fees.
-Providing overnight stays if you have camp facilities

We are here to help you and our members, we are not here to dictate how you will run your business but help with advertising, set up and getting our members out to you. Only Certified Parks and Certified Trainers may use our EVENT CALENDAR.

If you said yes to the all the requirements please fill out the form below and we will have our park coordinator give you a call. All parks are located a minimum of 1 hour driving distance to each other. We do not want to saturate your location. Still not sure contact our office at 1-855-trails1 ext 8 Park Coordinator.

Please Note; upon acceptance to Extreme Trail Riders Association as a certified park there is a First year membership fee of $250.00 which includes:

-Annual membership of $99.95

-A custom park banner

– A webpage on our website  that you may access at anytime and link your existing website

-Yearly access to our Event Page to announce your special events.

Do not have a website that’s ok we offer Website Design and Domain name to our members exclusively for $250.00 with option of a reservation page.

Click here to submit a park application.