Extreme Trail Riders Association would like to introduce our Certified Instructors

Eric Anderson of Xtreme Horsemanship located in Florida and Leland Davis Double L Equestrian Clinics & Trails located in Idaho they will be holding a weekend course, clinics as well as opening up their Trail Parks to our members. If you are interested in becoming an ETRA Certified Trainer please contact our instructors for scheduling and pricing. By becoming an ETRA certified trainer you may offer your services to our members by way of private lessons, clinics etc. We would also like to introduce Justin Dunn of Justin Dunn Horsemanship located in North Carolina who specializes in training wild horses and horses with undesirable behavioral  issues. He will also be opening his Trail Park to our members. Our instructor  Brandy Von Holten of Von Holten Ranch specializes in Mounted Archery & Extreme Obstacle Courses , visit her website for more details.  Or if you need help in training contact our instructor Stefanie Skidmore who a Horsemanship coach working with young or troubled horses. Or instructor Alex Owen of Owen Horsemanship who specializes in all facets of training Western or English discipline ….


Eric Anderson

Our Approach at Xtreme Horsemanship

We value many of the basic horsemanship techniques that are often overlooked for a mounted shooting or obstacle horses.  To be proficient a horse must first be “broke” and able to be ridden safely. We believe in the statement, “you can tell a lot about a rider by the way his/her horse acts”. Horsemanship first! That’s what we believe in. When you are riding your horse, there’s better communication between you. Whether in the mounted shooting arena, out on an obstacle course, or even on a trail ride. Good horse/rider communication is important, not only for safety but also for a solid trusting relationship.

We realize not everybody wants to set up an obstacle course in their backyard. We also understand not everybody wants to maintain an arena, or a round pen, or a dressage arena. So in 2009, we decided to do just that, giving you a place where you and your horse can come and get better acquainted. By 2010 our love for the sport of mounted shooting began to take the front seat in our training facility. As our training evolved several of the horsemanship techniques we learned while training as mounted police officers and obstacles trainers were incorporated in our mounted shooting classes giving a more well rounded equestrian experience to all of our fellow horsemen and women. We currently host a mounted shooting practice once a month as well as private training and group sessions as well on an as requested basis.

For course schedules and prices contact Eric at or visit our website


If any of our members would like to organize a group to become Certified Trainers Leland Davis is available to travel to your location between the months of November to March. Please contact Leland for details and pricing.

Leland Davis

My wife Louise and I have been doing Horsemanship clinics for 25 plus years. Learned from being on horseback since I was 4 years old. Also learned from great Horseman as Ray Hunt, John Lions, Montey Roberts, just to name a few. Instruction will begin with learning how to get control of the Horses feet, through the mind. How the Horse needs to move to be right. From the ground, and from the saddle.  Learn to prepare to position, for the proper transition. Basic fundamentals, that will carry through to competing, if you so choose. We have a motto: It’s not what you place on the Horses head, or in his mouth, it’s what you put between his ears. Will learn how to gain a conditioned response, and to get the Horse to act, instead of react.  Building trust and confidence between horse and rider. Feel, timing, and balance, will all be addressed.

Then put this to work for us on 20 obstacle Horse park. Some of these obstacles are handmade, some are natural. All are types of obstacles that you would meet in real life situations, or in trail competition. We also have 6 mile Mountain trail, that will give the basic knowledge to enjoy a wonderful backcountry experience, safely.

We have drawn a lot of knowledge from professional packing in the Frank Church Wilderness, Professional Cowboy work. 35 years of shoeing Horses. Packing Hunting trips, Fishing Trips, or just Horseback vacations. We also offer a foal to finish program here at double l clinics and trail. 2971 highway, Cambridge Id. 83610. E-mail 208-550-4795.



Justin Dunn

Specializes in training wild horses (mustangs) and horses with undesirable behavior issues.
He has 15 horses, consisting of BLM Mustangs, rescue horses, and some once considered un trainable horses.

Justin trains horses for a (higher purpose) and his horses help him, help others.
His team of horses have helped with a camp for children with cancer for six years, an (at-risk) children’s program, and countless clinics for people wanting to learn Horsemanship.
Justin is recognized as a top trainer and clinician at the national level. He travels all over the country sharing with people, what horses share with him.  His passion is to help people understand horses, and horses understand people.
Promoting life enrichment, self-discovery, and spiritual enlightenment.
Some facts you may find interesting, Justin never uses metal bits or spurs on the horses to communicate.

He believes in humane treatment of horses, never using pain or fear to force submission, creating a (willing partner) in the relationship.
He uses the Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle, manufactured by Weaver Leather.
His bridle is used by thousands of people all over the world.

“Trade places with your horse, treat them as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed”.
Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship.

Weaver Leather
Silvertip Halters
EZ All
Big Dees Tack
Inpro Corp.
Troxel helmets


Brandy Von Holten

Brandy Von Holten lives in Missouri, but was born in Texas and raised in Arkansas. At the age of 5 she got her first horse named Blackie. Since then she has always had a horse or mule. Brandy graduated from Riverview High School in Searcy, Arkansas and attended the University Central Arkansas where she obtained her bachelors in biology.

She then furthered her education and obtained a second bachelors in criminal justice and a masters in teaching. She moved to Missouri in 2003, where she met and married David Von Holten. Branch was a science teacher for eleven years. She was also a martial artist for twenty three years, and moved to Missouri to chase her dream of going to the Olympics in TaeKwonDo. She never made it to the Olympics but did managed to represent the United States on several international competition teams. She and her husband now own an equine trail riding facility they built together. It is called Von Holten Ranch.

They are currently strving to create a series of equine and farm related competitions with their trademarked title of Country Tough. Brandy is now a contributing writer to five magazines and is planning to add her own magazine centered around the events at Von Holten Ranch. That magazine will be called Country Tough Times. The Adventures at Von Holten Ranch: KTM is her first children’s book in a series of books. – (660) 668-0880


Stefanie Skidmore – Horsemanship Coach & Mustang Trainer








Building Great Horse-Human Relationships by fostering Mutual Understanding, Clear Communication, Respect & Trust.

Become the partner your horse needs in order to be the best he can be, anywhere and under any circumstances!

What I do:

I help people and horses replace Fear with Confidence by teaching them how to understand one another based upon clear Communication, thus fostering the development of mutual Respect and Trust.

How I do it:

I use horsemanship principles that take the horse’s current state, needs and abilities into consideration. I set the horse up for success by making the desirable behavior easy and the not-so-desirable one difficult, and rewarding the horse for trying to cooperate. I teach horsemanship to people in ways they can understand and translate into action, empowering them to become the partner their horse needs in order to become a safe, happy and reliable partner.

The result: A relationship in which both horse and human feel safe and enjoy being, riding/driving and performing together, regardless of their equestrian discipline.

Mustang Training:

I am an approved trainer for gentling BLM mustangs through the TIP (Trainer Incentive Program). TIP trained mustangs are at a minimum halter broke, lead, load into a trailer, and pick up their feet. They are available to approved adopters for a $125 adoption fee, the same as for an un-gentled mustang. Potential adopters are welcome to contact me about a mustang they would like to adopt and are looking to have gentled before bringing him/her home. Over 45000 horses are waiting for adopters in BLM holding pens. Let’s work together and find these horses homes!

I can be reached via my facebook page , through email at or by phone: 719-377-8587.

Happy Trails,



Alex Owen of Owen Horsemanship 101

Owen Horsemanship is located 45 minutes outside of Boise Idaho In Sand Hollow. Owen Horsemanship is a all in one program that forces on working with the public.

Our training program is very hands on with our clients to build a better understanding and horsemanship abilities. We have a strong belief that our horses should not be a one path horse we should be able to do multitude of events and tasks with our horses.


Here we absolutely love starting young horses and teaching them the path for success with its future. We start all breeds from our performance horses, ranch horses, trail, jumping, 3 day eventing, and so on. Tune ups are also a very special training Avenue that we offer where we can really work with the owners to build horsemanship and have a successful future.
Clinics, Owen Horsemanship loves to travel all over and offer clinics for the public. We try and offer the best clinic platform for the public. We focus on explaining training in a simple platform where everyone can understand and get the education.
I can be reached by email at: or by phone 208-284-8952
Alexander Owen on Facebook Owen Horsemanship on Facebook and Instagram